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First of all, thank you for visiting our website and welcome to the Internet Marketing Blog. We are Internet Marketing LLC, a firm that has been delivering agency-level web design services and comprehensive marketing strategies to a broad range of businesses since 1999.

Headquartered in beautiful Florida, USA, Internet Marketing LLC is the go-to company for enterprises large and small that are looking to stand out from the pack in the crowded digital marketing arena. We build and maintain WordPress websites, carry out expert SEO optimization, handle every aspect of online content marketing, and provide print materials and other brand collateral.

Our clients know and respect us for our track record of consistently executing highly creative web development projects, producing top-quality content that converts site visitors to customers, and delivering outstanding search ranking results. At Internet Marketing LLC, we pride ourselves on our ability to visualize future trends and evolve with the changing Internet landscape and needs of our customers and business partners.

Future Internet Marketing Trends
Finding the right strategies.

We are also proud of our small-town roots and the traditional values that guide our business practices. This opening post in our ongoing conversation with you is going to provide a little insight into exactly what it is we do here at Internet Marketing LLC. Read on, and here’s to the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Internet Marketing

Aside from being the name of our company, Internet marketing is a marketing strategy built around using online resources to promote a brand or business and its associated products or services. The Internet itself moved out of the realm of military and academic use and went public in 1979 when CompuServe stepped forward as the first major commercial online service in the U.S. and began offering email and technical support.

In 1991, when the National Science Foundation lifted restrictions on commercial use of the Internet, the era of business-to-consumer e-commerce was launched. The tactics and resources required to put together and run a modern Internet marketing campaign were not even on the radar back in September of 1993 when Global Network Navigator, a subsidiary company of O’Reilly Media, sold the first clickable online ad to a Silicon Valley law firm.

Online marketing early days
The early days of digital marketing.

Online marketers today have to be masters of a range of technologies and mediums that largely emerged in conjunction with and after the Web 2.0/social media revolution that began around the turn of the millennium. Perhaps even more important is the ability to recognize and adapt to the fundamental changes that have transformed the field of marketing and advertising in response to the development of the online ecosystem we inhabit today.

Marketing Approaches Old and New

Nowadays the terms “Internet marketing” or “digital marketing” are often used interchangeably with “content marketing.” Content marketing is an approach involving the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant, and consistent content designed to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. As with traditional marketing, the objective is to drive profitable customer action. However, content marketing is directly integrated with the patterns and habits of modern Internet users.

Traditional marketing strategies had an outbound focus in that products or services were pushed on customers via the use of one-way communication that rarely strayed from extolling the attributes and virtues of the item being sold. The new approach to marketing as it is carried out in the digital realm is inbound in the sense that the goal is to attract and earn customers’ interest by providing relevant, useful, and entertaining information. The marketer strives to offer value to current and potential customers, and supporting two-way interaction and communication is essential.

The key to online marketing.
Two-way communication drives conversion.

Successful marketing in the old days took creativity, an awareness of the psychology behind the desire and decision to purchase, and accurate knowledge of the target audience. Content marketing demands the same basic attributes as well as solid technical skillsets and the ability to work a new and constantly evolving set of channels that is far more complex than the comparatively simple context presented by pre-digital print, visual, and broadcast media.

In addition, audience demographics, habits, behavior, and attention spans have changed dramatically in the digital age, and are still in flux as social trends and dynamics vary and new technologies arise to shape the lifestyles of their users.

Bringing On the A Game

Effective Internet marketing demands a full-stack skillset. Critical elements include design skills, coding capabilities, an intuitive feel for all of the mediums in play, and a solid, long-term background of experience built while moving with the rapidly evolving trend machine represented by the digital ecology.

The ability to put together a coherent strategy is a non-negotiable asset. A proficient content marketing firm makes every move from a base founded in the fundamentals:

  • Clear objectives
  • Detailed knowledge of brand persona and target audience
  • Skillful keyword research
  • Focused commitment to quality content
  • Consistent content creation
  • Expert navigation of content promotion channels
  • Refined search engine optimization (SEO) strategies
  • Ongoing, responsive adaptation

Without an awareness of and adherence to strategy, the slickest website, the cleverest tweets, and the most expansive budget outlays will take you nowhere. This is one of the key characteristics that set our firm apart from the rest: We know what real, ongoing, and growing success on the Internet marketing playing field demands.

Successful Internet marketing requires a game plan.
Build your marketing game plan.

Sure, we are experts when it comes to designing and coding beautiful websites, crafting attractive, powerful content, and deploying the most up-to-date SEO tactics. But our reputation as a company rests on our ability to field an all-star team, pull out the A Game, put the whole package together, and bring in exceptional results for our clients.

We are Internet Marketing LLC

Delivering a combination of exceptional design, forward-thinking strategy, and award-winning customer service is our specialty and our passion. From website development services to advanced SEO work, from data-driven PPC campaign tactics to review management, we do it all and do it well when it comes to content marketing.

Whether you need an attractive, responsive website and the social media outreach that will bring visitors to your site and more clients into your brick-and-mortar store, an online public face for your enterprise or organization, or a complex e-commerce setup for a fully-online business, the team at Internet Marketing LLC has you covered.

The new world of Internet marketing.

We like to create lasting relationships that allow us to keep up with our customers’ needs and solve their problems when they arise. To start things off, we are pleased to offer you a free customized website report to let you know how well your site is currently performing. So welcome to our place, give us a call if you need help now, and please do drop by often.